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Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida



Join Forces

The Monastery Collection in the Kitchen of Alcobaça Monastery

Through  Computational Design, 3D Printing and Traditional Ceramic Fabrication, we transform Sound into Fluid, Harmonic and Unique Fine-Art Ceramics.

Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida, talking abut the launching of the new brand Claraval.

We are always open to new challenges.

We always aim for excellence and we solve problems.

Jorge Horta, Production Director

Elsa Almeida, CEO

Engº Fernando Perpétua, CEO

Elsa Almeida, CEO

We are always open to new challenges and never say no without first analyzing the matter.

We decided to invest in this project of his and start creating the first pieces based on sounds. And I think that up until now we are very satisfied because it is a very big innovation. We had never thought of doing a project like this, and I don't think it had crossed anyone's mind. From what we have been able to see, talking about what we have already presented, both to our clients and at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt, everyone liked it very much, everyone was very surprised, and it is a great innovation because no one knew this method of producing or designing pieces.


Engº Fernando Perpétua, CEO

We always aim for excellence, we solve problems, We are not afraid. All people have their value. The most important thing is our human capital. I believe it is crucial

I think it's extremely interesting and exactly what we've been looking for for years so that we can have our own brand and sell it as our own brand to our international and national clients as well. After all, we've gone from being a white label to having our own brand. And I think it's a way for us, beyond already being known worldwide, to reinforce that knowledge of our customers with us.

Jorge Horta, Production Director

Perpétua Pereira & Almeida comes from our acquisition of the old 'Cerâmicas S. Bernardo' and the creation of this company with this name, which is the name of the three partners, and which has been in operation for ten years now.


When the project was presented to us, Mark already had some pieces. Later on, we recorded some sounds here in the company and we made some collections with them. These collections were presented to see how the market would react to this type of pieces Our biggest client came and we wanted to present both the Peniche and Factory Sounds collections, which they loved and bought right away.

Mark Lloyd, founder of Skopelab, discssing the new Claraval Brand

I had an intuition that If I could find a way to introduce the emotional impact and harmonic relationships of sound into the creation of objects, it would be special


Mark Lloyd

Founder, Skopelab

I've always been curious about new processes, new ways of creating things. With Computational Design, rather than imagining the finished object, you imagine the tool or the process that  will create the object.


Sound is the thing that moves me most. I had an intuition that If I could find a way to integrate the emotional impact and harmonic relationships of sound into the creation of objects, it would be special. 

For Claraval´s first collection, we wanted to do something associated with the Monastery. Its such a powerful symbolic element at the  geographical center of Alcobaça, At the historical center of Alcobaça. The symbolic center of Alcobaça. And so it made perfect sense. So I arrived one Monday morning at the factory. and i was introduced to Sónia Tavares and I was immediately struck by this fantastic presence. 


As we were recording in the middle of the factory, Elsa finally got the call with the authorization to record in the Monastery. And so we packed everything and everyone into cars and we rushed down to the monastery and we we set up, and we recorded Sónia´s  beautiful voice. An emotional moment for us all. That was the start of the Monastery Collection and Claraval.


From conception to creation, from prototypes to models, Claraval is a realm of creativity that we nurture right in our own house. Our team, a blend of skilled artisans and visionary designers, works harmoniously under one roof to craft each ceramic masterpiece.

Mark Lloyd

Computational Designer

Marta Frutuoso

Ceramic Designer

Jorge Horta

Production Director

Elsa Almeida


Fernando Perpétua


Marcia Brilha

Ceramic Designer

Fábio Caldas

Marketing Manager

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