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With such a power to provoke in us a whole spectrum of emotions, now imagine if we could magically transform sound into sculptural forms.

This major innovation by Claraval enables us to create extraordinary shapes, provoking our curiosity and desire to explore.

Unique from every angle, a blend of exhilarating transitions and gentle passages, our collections are all about sculptural movement and fluidity.

As each vessel is created, forms grow upwards and outwards, rising from the base and propelled into 3D space by frequencies, rythms and harmonies.

The finished form, a true reflection of harmonic relationships, is then 3D printed to serve as the prototype for the production proccess.

In the time-honoured tradition of ceramic production in Portugal, the pieces are slip-cast, hand-finished, glazed and fired  by our craftsmen and craftswomen in our factory in Alcobaça. 


Our goal is to discover new ways to create extraordinary forms in ceramic.


And as in all creative endeavours, we find inspiration in the world around us, and whether in form development, prototyping, glaze research or production methods, we will always search and, we believe, find. 

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